National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

2.7 Treated and Solid RAW Storage Sites

Nuclear installations - RAW storage sites have to be assessed as intermediate RAW storage sites prior to their further processing and/or treatment to yield forms suitable for being stored at the National Repository Site at Mochovce. Three types of such storage sites can be distinguished:

Building 38 has been intended to store low-activity earth, crushed concrete and concrete panels up to an activity concentration of 3,000 Bq/kg. Storage capacity 4,000 m3 max. Within the storage site, RAW are stored as bulk or freely placed materials. The premises are not weather protected.

Building 839 - this is the building used to store radioactive sludge, earths and crushed concrete with an activity concentration between 3,000 and 10,000 Bq/kg. The building is designed as a light assembled hall. Storage capacity: 3,240 m3 max.

Building 32 houses three storages for solid RAW. Room No. 106 stores 1,480 drums, 200 dm3 each, containing solid RAW. The drums are stacked in 2 layers. The storage capacity is exhausted. Room No. 97 has a storage capacity of 2,050 pcs of drums, 200 dm3 each. The storage capacity exhausted. Room No. 30/54 stores 200 dm3 drums on steel palettes in two up to five layers. The total capacity of the storage site is 3,724 drums, 200 dm3 each. Two thirds of the drum capacity are prepared to receive solid RAW. Building 32 is used to store solidified, metal, pressable, combustible and non-pressed waste, all placed in 200 dm3 drums.

As the nuclear power plant is brought into a radiation safe condition during its decommissioning the RAW placed in the above stores will be gradually taken out, processed and treated to yield a form suitable for their long-term storage, and subsequently transported to the National Repository Site.

After having been emptied, the stores will be cleared or used for other purposes (buildings 38, 839), and/or they will be treated according to the approved scenario of the NPP A-1 decommissioning program.

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