National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

2.4.3 Power Plant Decommissioning Program

Stage 1 of the decommissioning of NPP A-1 to be completed by the year 2007 can be characterized as follows:

It is evident from the above characterization that this stage does not represent the final stage of the decommissioning as a significant stock of radioactive products will remain at NPP A-1 even after the completion of this stage (contaminated equipment, induced activity etc.) The objective of stage 1 of NPP A-1 decommissioning is to achieve, by the year 2007, a status with all spent fuel permanently being removed from the plant, processed and treated, and safely deposited, along with all types of operation-derived RAW. The NPP A-1 decommissioning program has been developed in detail in the project approved by government resolutions as mentioned above, and includes the following sub-projects:



Premises 41 and 44/10


The sub-project deals with issues concerning recovery and processing of liquid RAW and sludges from tanks located in the above mentioned premises, issues concerning the useful life cycle of pipe channels, including the necessary control of environmental impacts (untightness of barriers).



Premise 44/20


The aim of this sub-project is to implement procedures of recovery of solid RAW, contaminated oils from the premise, sorting and processing of the materials mentioned.



Sludge, earth and effluents control


The objective of this task is to collect, sort and remove contaminated earths, sludges, and to fix the contaminated rainwater sewer as a potential source of environmental pollution.



Main production unit


This sub-project includes several partial projects with the following objectives:

  • provision of equipment to prepare fuel for transport, short-term storage site for spent fuel prepared for the transport, and new storage tanks for chrompik,
  • provision for so-called short-term storage site for temporary storage of spent fuel in the case of difficulties with long-term storage site and/or transport of spent fuel to Russian Federation,
  • purification of long-term storage site pond water and treat ment of chrompik on bitumenation line,
  • storage and vitrification processing of chrompik from short-term storage site,
  • construction of temporary storage sites for solid and treated liquid RAW.



NPP operation


The aim is to fulfill tasks focusing on the treatment of operation-related issues such as NPP A-1 Safety Report of the Current Status, goal to bring NPP A-1 to nuclear safety standards, decommissioning study upon the achieving of radiation safe by standard, reconstruction of the electric system etc.



Special RAW treatment


The aim of this subproject is to provide for the treatment of all specific RAW generated during the NPP A-1 operation and decommissioning; e.g., chromsuplphuric acid, disassembled metals, concretes etc.



Capital investment projects


This sub-project includes all "capital investment events", i.e. new technological lines and equipment arising from the development of sub-projects 1.1 through 1.6.

The above program with its deadline being the year 2007, is being re-assessed and updated on a yearly basis, and most of its tasks are reflected in the main tasks of o.z. SE-VYZ the implementation of which are considered top priority.

The NPP A-1 decommissioning schedule after the year 2007 has been developed for the subsequent decommissioning stage, which reviewed the following NPP A-1 decommissioning scenarios:

According to the set criteria, the authors of the study compared the above mentioned scenarios of NPP A-1 decommissioning, and summarized the issues into conclusions with the following recommendations:

The study was reviewed in 1998. The final selection of the most appropriate scenario of the NPP A-1 decommissioning will only be possible based on the positions by the authorities and organizations involved in the outcomes of the above mentioned study.

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