National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

2.4.1 Description of NPP A-1

NPP A-1 with a heterogeneous thermal-neutrons-based reactor labeled KS-150 was designed for a gross electric output of 143 MW. Natural metal uranium has been used as fuel, heavy water (D2O) as moderator, and carbon dioxide (CO2) as coolant.

The moderator cooling has been provided for by 3 coolant loops, each consisting of 2 heat exchangers and one D2O pump. The primary coolant circuit (CO2) is composed of 6 loops, each of them consisting of one steam generator, turbo compressor and two parallel pipes of hot and cold CO2 coolant legs. Auxiliary systems are part of the primary circuit securing:

Equipment for fuel elements (FE) assembly and that of the transport and technological part (TTS) represent a separate unit of NPP A-1, the latter serving the handling of fresh and spent fuel, its post-cooling and storage. Post-cooling and storage of spent fuel elements were mainly performed in 2 short-term storage facilities, rod cutting chamber (for rods on which FE were hung in fuel channels in the reactor pressure vessel) and the long-term storage facility. A loading machine was used to place spent FE into casks at the long-term storage site filled with cooling water. Initially, chrompik was used in the long-term storage site casks as coolant., replaced with the organic coolant dowtherm later on.

Three turbo generators were the major equipment of the secondary circuit of the NPP, with installed output of 50 MW each.

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