National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

2.3.1 Description of Nuclear Power Plant Mochovce

Nuclear Power Plant Mochovce is located in southern Slovakia, at 120 kms from Bratislava, in District Levice. Unit 1 of the power plant is in operation, completion and commissioning works are going on Unit 2. Additional two units have been designed and they are in an advanced stage of construction and technology installation. All the four units are model V213 WWER-440 with an output of 440 MW. It is a repeated design of the WWER-440/V213 power plant operated at Jaslovské Bohunice, partly modified to comply with the growing requirements concerning nuclear safety improvements of the new WWER type units, and accounting for geological peculiarities of the site. The key differences include replacement of the original control system by the corresponding equipment made by SIEMENS, adjustments of the class 1 secured supply, requirements concerning seismic upgrading of the power plant at the level of 0.1 g as required by international regulations for newly designed units, adjustments of primary and secondary circuit systems arising from the experience with the operation of the same type of the power plant at Jaslovské Bohunice and Dukovany. General site preparation for the construction of the nuclear power plant started at Kohútí Vrch - Vápenná in June, 1981, following the final decision by the Czechoslovak government from 1978 to construct the plant, and after the inhabitants of the municipality Mochovce were moved.

According to the original project, the nuclear power plant should have been located within the boundaries of the municipality Mochovce. Investigations have however shown that the underbed did not suit the purpose. Due to this, the construction site was shifted 2 kms eastwards where the underbed is seismically firmer. The foundations of the power plant have been embedded into a monolithic rockbed which is highly advantageous from the viewpoint of seismic events. The construction itself started in 1984. The year 1990 was crucial for the construction of the NPP Mochovce because construction works had to be gradually brought to a halt because of the lack of funds. The advanced stage of the construction works forced to look for the possibilities of foreign capital input. Funds needed to complete the first two units were raised in 1996, and the first unit of the power plant was commissioned in July, 1998.

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