National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

2.2.4 V- 2 Units Safety Improvement Programs

More than 300 hardware and software modifications have been implemented since the commissioning of V-2 units. The major outcome of the first comprehensive safety improvement program developed in 1986 and updated in 1987 has been a number of improvements concerning redundant electric feeding, measurement and regulation as well as fire protection and seismic upgrading.

The following objectives concern further safety improvements of the Bohunice V-2 units:

Also with respect to the V-2 units, the probabilistic approach has become a basis for further considerations concerning safety improvements. It has been based on PSA studies developed in cooperation with experts of the operator, those from the Research Institute of VJE Trnava, a.s., and RELKO, s.r.o. The PSA methodology has been verified and approved (and even highly appreciated) by the IAEA Peer Review Mission in January, 1995, both with respect to the input data as well as with that of the technical approach. The CDF value calculated for Unit 3 was 6.41. 10-4 / reactor.year. The introduction of symptom-oriented emergency procedures (in cooperation with the company Westinghouse) and modifications of the emergency feedwater system will bring the CDF value down to 7.84 . 10-5 / reactor.year. From the probabilistic aspect, the following objectives have been set forth:

due to radioactive emissions into the environment < 10-5 / on demand

To achieve the above objectives, " Upgrading and Safety Improvement Program of Units V-2" has been developed. The time schedule of the Bohunice V-1 and V-2 nuclear safety improvements implementation however has to account for equal spreading of financial costs and human resources. Details of the Program can be found in Section 5.4.

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