National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

2.2.3 Operation Safety Report After 10 Years of Operation

The first draft of the "Operation Safety Report of NPP V2 after 10 Years of Operation" was prepared as of 12/93. During the commenting procedure, it was updated as of 12/96, and this draft was then submitted to JD for review. The main responsible for the report is VJE, a.s., which however has commissioned the drafting of certain parts to other institutions, almost exclusively from Slovakia. The Slovak Republic has sufficient capacities to draft safety reports corresponding to up-to-date safety requirements. The structure of the above report is in agreement with the requirements of US NRC RG 1.70 guideline which is used world-wide (position by JD, cf. Section 4.5.5).

Based on the above report, VJE, a.s. drafted a document containing recommendations and suggestions for NPP V-2 improvements; it will be used as one of the background materials to develop Initial Upgrading and Safety Improvements Project for the NPP V-2.

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