National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

2.2.1 Description of Units V-2

As compared to units V-1 and with respect to nuclear safety, Units V-2, i.e. Units 3 and 4 of the Nuclear Power Plants Bohunice represent a substantially improved series of WWER 440, model V 213 Units. Systems for the containment of design basis accidents are installed at the units: bubble towers (equivalent to the western type containment system to actively decrease, upon accident associated with primary circuit leakage, the pressure in burst can to negative pressure with respect to atmospheric pressure). The units have three independent separated systems of low- and high-pressure emergency coolant injection installed, along with shielding spray systems, four reactor coolant accumulation tanks, substantially improved backup and electric feeding systems (Fig.2.2.1).

Fig. 2.2.1 WWER 440 model V 213 units safety systems

1. Reactor
2. Steam generator
3. Reactor coolant pump
4. Main isolating valve at the hot leg of the loop
5. Main isolating valve at the cold leg of the loop
6. Pressurizer
7. Safety relief tank
8. Hydroaccumulators
9. HP emergency pump
10. LP emergency pump
11. Spray system pump
12. Reserve tanks of boric acid solution
13. Hydrazine hydrate tank
14. Reserve tanks of boric acid solution
15. Waterjet pump
16. Heat exchanger
17. Sprays
18. Hermetic rooms
19. Connecting corridor between hermetic rooms and bubble-condenser tower
20. Bubble-condenser tower
21. Air traps
22. Steam entrance into bubble-condenser channels
23. Bubble-condenser channel compartment
24. Bubble-condenser channel
25. Check valves
26. Check valves

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