National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

2.1.1 Description of Units V-1

Nuclear Power Plants Bohunice are located in Western Slovakia, Trnava Region, at some 3 km from the municipality Jaslovské Bohunice.

The altitude of the NPP area is 165 to 173 a.s.l., the slope of the area is 1% in average.

The area is located at the pliocene layers level. They are composed of clays, sands and gravels. The layers below are of pent composed of a variety of clays occasionally mixed with sand and gravel. The deeper layers are made of sarmat and tertene.

The soil on which the power plant stands, is chernozem, about 70 cm deep. Yellow-brown hard sand loess reaches into a depth of 9 m. Hard sand loess with traces of organic matter, calcareous sediments and small amounts of iron and manganese, is between 9 and 14 m. Hard limestone fine-grade sandy clays of brown-green color are at 14 to 17 m, the 17-20 m deep layers are formed of medium-grade clayey sand and gravel-sand, and the still deeper layers are fine grade sandy clays.

The most probable orientation of ground water flows is North-Northwest and South-Southeast. The ground water level is at 151 a.s.l., i.e. 18 to 24 m below the surface.

Four WWER-440 pressurized water reactors are located at the site, thereof two WWER-440/V230 model known as V-1 units (unit 1 was put into operation in December, 1978, unit 2 in March, 1980), and two WWER-440/V213 reactors known as V-2 units (unit 3 was put into operation in August, 1984, and unit 4 in August, 1985).

The primary coolant circuit of V-1 units comprises six cooling loops with main closing valves on cold and hot loop legs, one main circulation pump per loop, six horizontal steam generators. Volume compensator with safety valves is connected to the inseparable part of the primary circuit. The reactor pressure vessel is lined with stainless austenitic steel, similarly as the main circulation pipe, and all other components of the primary circuit are made of stainless austenitic steel. Steam from six generators is channelled to two turbogenerators, 220 MW each. The coolant water circulation circuit is closed, with four cooling towers for V-1 units. The coolant water is taken from the river Váh. Each of the units is connected to the power grid via two 220 kV power outlets to the substation Krizovany.


Fig.2.1.1 Principal diagram of WWER 440 unit

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