National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

1.1 Purpose of Report

Slovak Republic ratified, on February 23, 1995, the Nuclear Safety Convention, being the first country with a nuclear installation meeting criteria as set forth by the Convention. By this step, SR declared its willingness and readiness to actively participate in the implementation of the Convention. The present National Report has been compiled according to Article 5, and its structure respects the recommendations of the Guidelines regarding National Reports under the Convention on Nuclear Safety.

Slovakia remains significantly dependent on imports of primary energy sources, which represent as much as 80% of the demand. The most important items on the primary energy source imports list include crude oil, gas and nuclear fuel from Russian Federation. Of the total consumption of electricity in Slovakia, 39% were generated in nuclear power plant units in 1997.

Slovakia operates 4 units with WWER 440 nuclear reactor: at Jaslovské Bohunice. The first two units, known as Nuclear Power Plant Bohunice V-1, have first-generation pressurized water reactors model WWER 440/230, unit 1 having been put into operation in 1978 and unit 2 in 1980. Units three and four, termed Nuclear Power Plant Bohunice V-2, work with second-generation reactors (model WWER 440/213). The units were put into operation in 1984 and 1985, respectively. Units No. 1 and 2 currently undergo gradual reconstruction (1996 - 1999) aimed at improving their nuclear safety level to achieve an internationally acceptable level allowing the operation of the units through the end of their planned life cycle (2005). Adjustments and upgrading are being prepared for units 3 and 4; the implementation stage has been planned by 2002. The designed life cycle of NPP Bohunice V-2 has been through the year 2015.

Also, there is a heavy water moderated, gas cooled reactor at the Jaslovské Bohunice site, known as Nuclear Power Plant A-1 (HWGCR - 150MW). NPP A-1 was shut down in 1977 and is currently being decommissioned. The fuel shall be transported to the Russian Federation where it will be stored in a repository.

Two WWER 440/213 reactors have been built at Mochovce. The first unit reached criticality on 9 July and the second unit is expected to be commissioned in 09/1999. Further two reactors of the same type are under construction (completed to about 50%). The government has however not yet decided on their completion. The first two reactor units at Mochovce have been completed under broad international cooperation.

The construction of a low and medium radioactive waste disposal site has been finished at the Mochovce site, and is currently subject of commissioning approval procedure.

Interim spent fuel storage is operated at the Jaslovské Bohunice site; it is currently subject of a seismic upgrading and storage capacity extension project.

The Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic (ÚJD) has been appointed as State supervision body for nuclear safety of nuclear installations and radioactive wastes including spent fuel. ÚJD Chairman has been given significant powers by the applicable legislation. He has direct access to the government.

Slovakia is the signatory of all important international agreements and conventions in the field of nuclear energy, and its legislation is in an advanced stage of approximation with European Union law.

A list of nuclear installations as defined by the Convention is in the Annex.

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