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» Waste Generation

The radioactive waste is generated:

  • during the production of electricity from nuclear fuel
  • as a result of activities related to electricity production from nuclear fuel
  • during decommissioning of nuclear installations
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The law No. 541/2004 Coll. on peaceful use of nuclear energy (Atomic Act) defines the radioactive waste (RAW) as any materials in gaseous, liquid or solid form for which no further use is foreseen, and that contains or is contaminated by radionuclides at concentration or activities greater than clearance levels into the environment.

So called institutional RAW that is generated while using sources of radioactive radiation in the areas of industry, health services, research (IRAW) is the special group of RAW.
Quantity and activity of generated RAW has to be kept by means of technical and organizational provisions by its generator at the lowest possible achievable level according to the legal rules in force. The programme of minimization of RAW generation, which is regularly evaluated is a part of quality documentation of each nuclear installation. Inter annual trend of RAW generation has a long term decreasing tendency.

The appropriate consideration has been devoted to the RAW by means of requirements to the system of its management from the protection of public health and environment protection point of view.

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